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Most Common Septic Tank Repairs Virginia Homeowners Face

Most common septic repairs

One of the least enjoyable tasks that homeowners get stuck with is repairs - any type of repairs. Who wouldn't rather be picking out a new house paint color than taking care of repair issues?

It's especially alarming when the repairs are related to your septic system. This not only compromises your household's comfort but also raises concerns for health issues and exposure to biohazard waste.

When faced with possible concerns about your septic system, it's vital to react quickly. To help with the response time, it starts by understanding what common issues may arise and how to spot them.

Taking Control Of Septic Problems Promptly & Professionally

The first thing you should address, as a responsible homeowner, is finding the right septic company to work with in the first place. This saves you valuable time because you'll already know who to contact when an issue arises.

Now, the real question is how to watch for possible problems that can develop with your septic system. What are the repairs that most frequently cause local homeowners to call in an expert for service?


The first thing you may notice is that everything is slower until it stops completely. Clogs in pipes, drains, or the tank itself shouldn't be ignored. Avoid putting anything down the drains that don't belong there - including harsh chemical cleaners that do more harm than good.

Broken Pipes

Older systems or pipes infiltrated by aggressive tree roots are two examples of common reasons that septic pipes may break. Unfortunately, a break in a pipe doesn't just disrupt your system; it floods your property with contaminated waste. Make it a point to act if you suspect you have a broken pipe immediately.

Drain Field Issues

Since the drain field is where the tank empties, you certainly don't want to ignore possible issues with it. Drain field repairs can pose serious health hazards. Repairs, replacement, or relocation are viable options for dealing with drain field problems.

Trusting The Local Septic Tank Pros At DTS Septic Services

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