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Land Clearing Is The First Step To Prepare Your Plot For Development And Septic System Implementation

Land clearing

DTS Septic Services is proud to be a local leader for essential services like land clearing for Leesburg customers. From homeowners to homebuilders and from commercial clients to commercial builders, we work with every type of client there is.

Often, the first step for a project like septic tank installation is preparing the land. You can hire an outside contractor or use the same experienced septic company you've hired for other job details.

When it comes to land clearing, why not trust the pros who already have proven themselves worthy of taking care of your septic system? We're a company that's made up of three generations of industry professionals dedicated to this industry, and to taking superior care of our customers.

Your Local Experts For Land Clearing And More

We're the trusted team for land clearing services, including excavation and grading. We'll take your existing land from its current state to a more usable layout.

If it's part of your septic system design, we'll also address the need for layout planning, installation, and other related tasks. Some projects require a simple path, while others need an entire lot worth of clearing.

No matter what the job's scope, we'll be able to handle it for you. The clearing services that we offer can help your project with:

  • Septic Tank Planning and Installation
  • Preparing for Building
  • Utility Line Access and Maintenance
  • Improved Access and Visibility
  • Minimizing Erosion

We also focus on environmentally responsible, low-impact land clearing services. There's no reason to compromise making your project green just to get it done.

Starting Your Project With Our Free Estimate

There's no reason to be stressed when you're beginning your project. That's why we offer a no-hassle free estimate, so you don't feel pressured into making a decision.

We know that our exceptional history and superior services speak for themselves. When you want the job done correctly, the first time through, you want DTS Septic Services working for you.

The only way to get access to clearing services that are done expertly and timely is by hiring experienced pros. Plus, you have the same team available to handle your septic tank services, if the job calls for it.

When you need professional land clearing in the Leesburg area, call our team and ensure that you're getting the level of quality work that you deserve.


If you are looking for a highly-skilled land clearing crew in Virginia, then please call 703-999-2633 or complete our online request form.