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Frequently Asked Septic Company Questions - Answered By DTS Septic Services

DTS Septic Services is a favored local name among septic company professionals. We're committed to ensuring that every customer receives the same level of quality care, and that includes addressing any questions they may have.

Why Would I Need A Septic System Inspection?

A septic inspection is like assessing any other component of your home; checks are about preventative maintenance. If you're selling your home, inspections are required. However, they're also useful tools for determining your septic system's current condition instead of waiting for major repair issues to develop.

How Often Should I Get My Septic Tank Cleaned?

The average amount of time that should pass between septic tank cleanings is 3-5 years. The tank should be inspected every three years and pumped 3-5. Of course, if you notice problems or your system is older, you may be a good candidate for more frequent service.

Can I Just Use Store-Bought Chemicals Instead Of Using Professional Septic Maintenance Services?

The better care you take of your septic system, the better it will work for you. There may not be any immediate ramifications from using harsh, store-bought chemicals for your septic system, but, over time, you'll pay the price. Biodegradable cleaners and professional service are the only proper way to care for your system.

What Signs Should I Look Out For To Know If I Have A Septic Problem?

There are plenty of symptoms that indicate you may have a problem with your septic system, and as soon as you notice something seems off, it's time to call in an expert. Some red flags may be gurgling noises, slow drains, or sewage odors, but call DTS Septic Services in the event that you even suspect you have a problem with your system.


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