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About DTS Septic Services - Your Trusted Virginia Septic Contractor

About dts

DTS Septic Services knows that finding a Leesburg septic contractor may be an entirely new territory for you. However, it's similar to hiring any type of professional contractor to take care of your home.

The septic company pros you hire for one job should be worthy of all the future issues you may have. Find a reliable and reputable local septic contractor you can build a long-lasting partnership with so that you'll always know who to call for your septic and water treatment services.

Taking Care Of Your Business Is Our Business

From repair and septic maintenance to land clearing, our service list is diverse. However, as a premier septic contractor in the area, our menu of jobs is also industry-focused.

We take care of projects relating to this field because we're industry specialists and experts. You're in good hands for Leesburg area septic contractor work when you reach out to our professional and proficient team.


If you are looking for a septic contractor in the Leesburg, VA area please call 703-999-2633 or complete our online service request form.